Dan Laush


I build things for people.

The end users of my digital tools are my guiding compass and my programming skills focus on how to bring them value. I make accessible, intuitive, beautiful digital interfaces with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (client- and server-side), and the occasional bit of PHP.

I use a variety of modern web tools.

The past couple years I’ve been using Vue and React to build modern front-ends without sacrificing accessibility. Vue with Nuxt has been a great toolbox for building server-side rendered pages that hydrate into fully-fledged webapps or statically-generated HTML sites.

I use CMSes like Drupal and WordPress to bring websites to life. After many years with traditional PHP templates, I’ve had great results with API-first headless CMSes as a complement to a modern JavaScript application.

I make systems.

I like to build component libraries, not just page templates. The UI elements we build should have utility in a variety of circumstances, and fit together well enough to provide value for years to come.


I excel in design-led teams.

I get inspired by a strong design vision and enjoy bringing it to life on the web. I love the confidence that comes from decisions based on insights from user research.

A collaborative back-and-forth between designer and developer allows us to maximise the quality of what we make, even when time and budget are tight.

I ask the right questions.

I once received feedback that I’m always the person who’s willing to ask questions, whether I need help on a technical challenge or as a way to cut through ambiguity when the project gets messy. I can tell when different people have different answers to the same question, and by putting it out in the open as a question everyone has a chance to share their perspective.