Dan Laush

I enjoy sharing things I've learned with others.

Photos from a few talks I've done

Tech talks

Service design on headless Drupal

Conference: Drupal South Nov 18 (Canberra)

Shared our experience creating a headless content API and two frontend apps.

This was my first Drupal conference, and it was combined with the GovCMS conference (a Drupal distro designed for government). Cool people, interesting stories.

View the Drupal South slide deck

Put your design system on the wall

Meetup: DesignOps Mar 18 (Melbourne)

Two new apps. One new design system. All in-flight at the same time.

Spoke at a meetup about how printing out our digital design system and sticking it on the wall helped us work together better in a complex environment.

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From HTML-first to HTML-last

Meetup: MelbJS Sep 17 (Melbourne)

In 2017 I committed myself to grokking "modern JavaScript" - how do frameworks like React and friends actually work? It was fun to talk about what I'd learned, illustrated with example apps I tried to make along the way. Presentation has notes so it should make sense.

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2013 - 2015 (USA, Germany, others)

After finishing university, I spent a couple years in leadership roles for AIESEC, an international youth-run non-profit.

The roles included speaking at conferences to set the organisation's direction and running workshops to help local groups ideate and plan.