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Dan Laush

I like to tinker when I can. Exploring UI concepts, learning new skills.

New wave JavaScript

In 2017 I started to transition from years of traditional PHP-based templating and client-side jQuery to a more modern JavaScript stack. Along the way I made a few applets to explore ideas and try things out, and towards the end of that process I spoke at a meetup about my learning experience.

  • Audio Update (Vanilla ES6)

    • My own personal Jarvis to wake me up in the morning. Made ES6 Javascript classes with render functions to act as modules in an application. (GitHub link)
  • Speed Reader (Preact)

    • Blaze through long articles one word at a time. (GitHub link)
  • Video Wall (Vue)

  • MelbJS Talk

    • "From HTML-first to HTML-last"

Ideas and mockups

Sometimes my side projects don't make it out of the build stage, but I enjoy spending time brainstorming how an app or interface might work.