Adam Brock Movie Recommendation API

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Dan Laush

May 2017

Adam Brock

Our colleague Adam Brock loves movies and TV shows — he’s seen everything and knows every actor and always has a movie in mind for every situation he’s in. He’ll even have a Nicholas Cage film for every situation he’s in.

So we’ve plugged him in — Adam as a Service (AaaS).

Use our brand new API to get personalised, expert movie recommendations delivered straight to you. Simply include the provided Javascript (via CDN or NPM) and you can make MovieRecommendation requests in as little as 2 lines of code!

var ABMRAPI = require('adam-brock-movie-recommendation-api');
var myMovieRecommendation = await ABMRAPI
    .requestMovieRecommendation('Suggest a movie for me!');


  • Asynchronous—Responses usually under 24 hours
  • Uses the Promises API—For every MovieRecommendation request that you make, we Promise you’ll get ~a good~ one*
  • Personalised—The more movies you ask about, the more Adam knows what you like and what to suggest
  • Plain-English Query Language (PEQL)—Make requests naturally; PEQL is remarkably like writing a sentence.
  • Simple to use—Just submit a String and receive a String


Query: Hey Adam, this week I watched Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell (the new Scarlett Johansson one), and I’m in a cyberpunk-future-city-but-also-retro-80s-synth-neo-tokyo-ish mood. What should I watch next?

Response: Ooh, nice. You seen Akira? That’s a good one to watch after Ghost in the Shell.

*Note — The technology is still under development, some queries may have side effects:

Query: So I’ve FINALLY finished Black Mirror AND Chef’s Table. Such a lol contrast of dystopian future/present and utopian outlook on food production. WHAT DO I WATCH NEXT SO I FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE WORLD?

Response: Very nice! Hmmm, I’m the wrong guy to ask about shows filled with hope.

Code Example

<div id="result"></div>
<script src="abmrapi.js"></script>
  var api = new ABMRAPI();
  var result = document.getElementById('result');
  api.requestMovieRecommendation('Suggest a movie for me!')
      .then((MovieRecommendation) => { 
          result.innerHTML = myMovieRecommendation;

But really

Adam is a great colleague and a pleasure to work with. And he really does love movies. He once spent half a client meeting reciting Nicholas Cage’s filmography, in chronological order.